Top 5 Essential Hair Oils that Work for Hair Growth and Dry Hair


Why Hair Oil is Good for Your Hair

Hair care is something we tend to neglect most of the time. But that should not be the scenario as having shiny and voluminous hair enhances your overall look.  Extreme weather conditions, dust, and pollution take a toll over your hair and it becomes imperative to take proper care of them on daily basis. Having lustrous locks is not a cakewalk and nothing will happen overnight with few successful attempts. You need to be consistent and patient in order to see noticeable differences in your hair. Some of the most common problems that are faced by almost every girl are split ends, thinning of hair, frizziness, dry hair, dandruff, hair fall, and many more. Most of us face these problems from time to time and to tackle them you have to be serious about your hair care routine.

You can find a number of hair treatment products online as well as in the stores, choose the one that suits your hair type. To get best of both the worlds, it is always a great option to treat your hair with oils along with these hair treatment products. Now, let us go back to our childhood memories, how many times did our granny and mother advised us to oil our hair every now and then. I am pretty sure we all tried to dodge that ‘million dollar advice’.

We all regret it now but it is never too late.  Oiling your hair and scalp is one of the best tried and tested formulas to maintain voluminous shiny locks; it has been practiced for centuries and is still everyone’s favorite. Be it celebrities, beauty bloggers or models, everyone oil their hair to protect it from damage and excessive styling. Oiling your hair is the way to go but there are so many oils that can be used to treat your damaged frizzy hair and what may suit you might not suit the other person.

Why Hair Oil is Good for Your Hair?

  • Hair oil nourishes and hydrates your hair to promote hair growth.
  • Restores dormant hair follicles supporting them to produce new hair follicles that help in increasing the thickness and volume of the hair.
  • Enhances the rate of hair growth by enriching the scalp.
  • Naturally conditions your hair to keep damage and breakage at bay.

Now, let us have a look at the top 5 hair oils that improve hair growth and quality of your hair over time.

Coconut Oil

Everybody talks about ‘holy grail’ for skin but for a fact, coconut oil is the ‘holy grail’ for hair that improves damaged and frizzy hair. It acts as a natural heat protectant against the sun, prevents hair fall and increases hair growth. Coconut oil moisturizes your hair by deeply penetrating instead of evaporating which makes it one of the most widely used hair treatment products. Coconut oil is composed of fatty acids that can easily penetrate the scalp and as a result, hair looks soft, silky and shiny.

Castor Oil

Castor oil is an excellent source of vitamin E, minerals, and proteins. It works wonders for hair. In case you are having dandruff or any other type of scalp problem castor oil is something you just can’t miss. It deeply moisturizes dry and frizzy hair. Gently massage your scalp with the oil and also apply some on the ends. This will leave your hair shiny, thick, strong and silky.

Argan Oil

Argon oil also called Moroccan oil and ‘liquid gold’ is an elixir for hair as it is an excellent hair treatment. Argan oil is packed with vitamin E, antioxidants, fatty acids and ferulic acid which protects hair from UV rays of the sun and also prevents hair cell damage. It aims to tackle brittle, treat split ends and frizzy hair leaving them soft and silky to touch. Argon oil is less sticky as compare to coconut and castor oil so if you want to avoid stickiness Argon oil is the way to go.

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil has quickly taken the beauty world by storm, you would have already heard about its benefits for the skin. But it is very beneficial for the hair as well. Deeply nourishes your hair by penetrating the hair shafts. It acts as an excellent hair conditioner and nourishes hair deeply. Just like coconut oil, jojoba oil penetrates deep inside the scalp and hydrates your hair from the roots giving then shiny and dazzling look.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is extensively used in cooking as a healthy option but did you know it does wonders for your hair also? Vitamin E in olive oil promotes hair growth and thickening of hair.  The anti-oxidant rich oil is good for hair and skin. Olive oil naturally conditions your hair and gives them a shiny appearance. It is lightweight oil and oleic acid in it deeply penetrates the scalp, many people swear by this product to do wonders for your hair. The anti-inflammatory property of olive oil helps in treating scalp issues especially dandruff.