Fashion Trends: Top 5 Street Wear Outfits

Haul Apparel began in 2015 when founders Sushobhit Chaudhury & Sohan Rodrigues came together with the aim to meet an unaddressed need and create something new. After living a large portion of their lives abroad, the idea sprung from the fact that they could not find the clothes they wanted to wear for the price they wanted to spend.

Their next thought was “Instead of spending so much on imported apparel, why not create something within the country?” following on from this they came up with the idea of Haul Apparel. A clothing label that merged western style apparel with traditional Indian culture and brought something completely new to the Indian Streetwear market. In terms of Streetwear, India is such a huge untapped market with so much potential.

It’s hard to explain why no one has started a urban wear label/brand that Indians can wear and be proud of. Something that people here can wear and not only look good but have it also represent who they are and where they come from.

This country is such a beautiful place with so much to offer that it is the perfect source of creative inspiration for an emerging brand. In the last 2 years has been a testament to that and is still the premise of the brand as they continue to move forward.

Graphic T-shirt – Taking It to the Next Level

streetwear trends in india

The average consumer in the Indian Market seems to be quite drawn to the typical Graphic T-Shirt. These can be found almost anywhere, a combination of a funky/ quirky print on a decent half sleeve cotton tee. So what can be done to improve this product and give it something a little extra? Haul Apparel took on the challenge and did not disappoint. Perfecting the fit and merging that with high-quality cotton, the product had already developed into something more. Now to make it something even more special, they added an improved and more appealing print design. Not just in terms of print quality but the actual content of the design. Their print designs celebrated Indian culture in order to connect with their audience. They have now set the new standard for graphic tees in the Indian Market.

Flannel Shirts – A perfect Blend of Formal and Casual

streetwear trends in india

Seeing that it had become such an integral part of Subcultural style over the last 5- 10 years, Haul Apparel made the decision to bring the Flannel Shirt to the Indian market. With it being such a minimal product in terms of design, the important aspect was maintaining and perfecting its original size and fit.

Combining that with a range of different colored cotton fabrics and textures they were able to create an entire range of products suitable for all seasons. These Flannel Shirts give importance to both style and comfort equally, while maintaining the perfect marriage between formal and casual.

Sanpback Hats – High-Quality Headwear

Street wear Hats

Being made popular by Hip/Hop and Rap music Culture, snapback caps have taken over the streetwear world. Having a Snapback Hat as part of your Haul Apparel’s highest quality product is their Headwear. Featuring the highest standard of quality, their entire selection of Snapback Caps all feature embroidery designs with a touch of Indian flavor.

Lungis – A Twist of Tradition


After adding a little of their own unique style to a very traditional Item, Haul Apparel launched a range of nontraditional Lungis. Commonly Lungis are considered to be a very rural garment which is worn by locals in South India. With such a large number of Indians wearing something that had no definitive style, why not create something new and fresh?

Baseball Tee – Bringing It Back


Adapting the raglan style tee to the Indian Market seemed like a waste of time. Why make changes to a style/ fit when it is already so popular? Instead of changing it, Haul Apparel added their own unique style in the form of an Indian influenced print design. All featured print designs that celebrate traditional Indian culture with elements of satire.

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