Top Tips for Choosing the Perfect Boots

Boots can prove an indispensable wardrobe staple – whether you want footwear that looks good, can handle harsh terrain, or – quite simply – will help keep you warm. However, these days, the variety of boots on the market is so staggering that even just choosing from them can feel taxing.

It doesn’t help that an awful lot of bewildering jargon is attached to different types of boot. Fancy something that’s ankle-length? Lace-up? Over-the-knee? Perhaps you’d like a stiletto or block heel? It’s all enough to make you wish for a “boot-ish to English” dictionary…

However, if you approach the task of boot shopping in the right way, you don’t have to face an overly arduous decision. Here is some advice for narrowing down the choice of available boots

Precisely what size boot do you require?

You might think that you already know your foot size – especially if you have previously shelled out for much footwear of the same size and haven’t had any problems wearing it. However, you might actually be a different size to what you have long worn.

Perhaps you have recently gained or lost weight or picked up an injury. Any of these situations can change the shapes and sizes of your feet. You should also consider that those feet might not necessarily match in size; therefore, don’t be afraid to measure them to discern the exact sizes.

What else will you be wearing with your boots?

This, of course, could be heavily influenced by what activities you will pursue while wearing these boots. The appropriate feature set for your boots can depend on whether you will be taking casual walks through the countryside, trying to get up a mountain or joining your kids on a sled in the snow.

If your lifestyle is rather sedate, you shouldn’t necessarily completely forgo boots. You could even wear them with a tailored suit; however, certain fashion rules should still apply. For example, your boots should be slim if your suit trousers will be; otherwise, those trousers could wrinkle and pucker, as you would not be allowing them to easily settle over the footwear.

What Weather Conditions Will You Be Facing?

One of the wonderful things about boots is that they are great for just about any weather conditions – rain or shine! However, this is something that you should think about when choosing your boots!

Right now, we are preparing for the cold temperatures that are coming with the winter season. It is important to choose a boot that will keep your feet warm and dry in wet or snowy conditions. I would suggest finding a taller boot for the winter months, or even a pair of boots fur-lined boots to keep your feet cosy all winter.

Furthermore, if you are expecting rainy conditions, it would be best to opt for a waterproof boot option – like wellingtons or all-terrain boots.

Function of Fashion?

As we discussed above, boots have a variety of uses when it comes to living in different climates and living with various weather conditions. However, sometimes we like boots simply because they can be extremely fashionable!
If you are looking for fashion-focused boots, then you just need find a look that you love. It would be best to focus on style and comfort when shopping for fashion boots. You won’t need to worry about walking out in the snow in these!

What is your body type?


You’re probably already accustomed to considering your body type when looking for the right set of jeans – and we would certainly urge you to take the same attitude when shopping for boots. For example, if you are a petite woman, you can extend the perceivable length of your legs by putting on ankle boots that feature heels. Long boots with heels can also look great on small bodies.

You don’t need to be as fussy if you are tall with slim legs, as boots of virtually any type can look awesome on you. Still, the best choice for you would probably be thigh-high boots that conceal the knee. If you try some on but notice excess looseness surrounding the thighs, you might be able to avert this dilemma by settling on lace-up boots of the same height.

So, what about ladies who have developed a muscular physique due to spending many hours exerting themselves in the gym? They ought to select heeled, low-cut boots, as these will contract their leg muscles and let them show off results of their training regime.

If you are eager for a boot to suit, the above pointers are unlikely to take you far wrong. When browsing the boots selection, endeavor to keep practical concerns – how well the footwear should meet your functionality requirements – at the forefront.