Turn Your Regular Clothes to Masterpieces with These Tricks!

Fashion and style aren’t too hard to nail; just some dresses and your creativity!

If you think that fashion bloggers and your favorite celebs have the most classy and super cool wardrobes, congratulations you are right! But they have fashion creators and professional stylists who magically turn the same regular outfit into a chic one.

But how did they do?

No, you don’t have to spend oodles and oodles, or you wouldn’t need any stylist. Instead, just some tweaks and you are ready to take your simply, regular outfit to the next level. Here are some tricks to help you:

Button-Up and Knots!

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You might be having a long button-down shirt that you usually tuck in your jeans? Don’t tie it the same this time! Tie it high in a knot, roll-up the sleeves and show your look!

Pair this look with a skirt, and you will look more polished and beautiful. You can take this look with jeans as well for a go-to casual look. Layer a high neck sweater underneath if it’s chilling out.

Trick:  To have a clean knot, unbutton the lower three buttons and tie the loose tails in a bow knot. Simplify the hem, and it’s done!

From Oversized To Fab Looking Dress:

If you have an oversized tee or a dress, simply knot it off! Loose shirts or dresses can instantly become breezy to sloppy; however, a simple knot can amp up aesthetic clothing look. For more killer look, pair this look with a skirt or shorts along with boots. Not only it will make you look primmer but will also accentuate the waistline. To get a more polished look, pull the top to one side and create a knot. Tug it in the shirt or leave it like that. Your go-to look is ready!

Layering and Belting!

Simply, layer it and rock it! Layering the dresses will not only keep you warm during the cold days but will also save money by getting more out of the used pieces in the closet.  Belt-up the last layer for more clean and finished look. A belt will pull the aesthetic clothe look in-place and will accentuate your figure under all those clothes. Make sure to grab the belt that is a little funky.

Pro Tip: Start from a thin cloth, a long shirt then a button-down with another piece and more.

Cuff It Up!

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Upgrade your regular jeans wearing method with ankle cuff twist. While it’s quite a simple, it can instantly jazz up an outfit that you have worn a million times.  Plus, you can sneakily show your rocking footwear (you can take a cue from tumblr clothes). Pick any skinny jeans as they look perfectly maintained the streamlined look.

Tip: The cuff style depends on the right technique and the method of pants you are wearing!

Scarf’s Are Saviors:

Bored of heavy neckpieces? Try the scarf look!

A handkerchief scarf or a rollout one can instantly make your boring outfit look different and beautiful. You can carry it with a dress or with a simple tee or anything, the options are endless; just your dress and a cool hairstyle.

If you want to tie it, just fold it in half and tie it behind your neck with the tails lying in front of you. A scarf can be a savior for your bad hair day! Use it as a headband and keep your hairs in place.


Do you have that boxy, loose dress hanging in your closet from the past many years? It’s time to bring it out and try it! Knot it from the middle and gather all the extra fabric to one side. This will transform your boring dress into a more figure-flattering piece.

So, those were some different and new ideas to transform your fine look into the fab one! Try them and look different!