What are the different kinds of elevator shoes for men?

So you have made a plan to get a nice pair of elevator shoes for yourself in order to boost up your style and confidence. Now the question is which high increasing shoes you should buy for a perfect fit. You will find a range of these shoes in the market just like the ones available for regular use. However, it can be categorized into different styles. Most of the stores have the right shoes for your closet.

Categories of elevator shoes


  • Formal elevator shoe- if you are someone who has a formal dress code in your company or attends a lot of events and fashionable function, then you need to have a pair of these elevator shoes. They are intended to be worn with tuxedos, suits and other extravagant formal dress. No matter whichever brand you use for your clothing, a formal shoe is a must! You should at least have a pair of elevator shoes for men for boosting your essence when going to weddings, conferences, black tie event or even fashionable restaurants.

    formal shoes

  • Boots for increasing height- one of the popular kind of elevator shoe is the boots for men. These shoes are absolutely spacious and provide free space which provides comfort. You will a range of tall boots- work boots, high heeled boots, urban outdoor shoes, and hiking boots. These shoes will make you look flawless and it elevates not only your height but also your confidence!
  • High heeled casual shoes- if you are someone who wants to enjoy a pair of good looking shoes combined with extra comfort, then high heel shoes for men is the one you should have in your closet. These are the perfect shoes for barbeque parties, films with companions and for visiting the coffee shop with your girlfriend. These shoes are also good for attending business and other official purposes. You’ll feel comfortable and enjoy this pair of shoes because there is no need to stress over your style.
  • Loafers with elevated heels- There are some people who like to feel tall even while resting. Elevator loafers, also known as the shoes without any lace or slip-on shoes are very much easy to wear and put off when you are in a hurry or if wish to enjoy a relaxing party. It’ll be much simpler to let out a grin when you’re having sufficient willpower for the job! Loafers are available in different types- street shoes, slip-on dress shoes to comfortable sandals for nights at home.

    height increasing shoes

  • Elevated sneakers- If you are a sportsperson, and you wish to enjoy a good session of basketball, you need to have a good height. To be an athlete, it is very important to have a good height. The shoe industry has come up shoe ideal for short men which can give them a proper height to enjoy any kind of sports they want. The elevator sneakers are absolutely perfect for men with short height. These shoes are ideal for- hikers, basketball players and the ones who love to have a workout session. You can actually show your style and fashion when you go out for jogging or a morning walk.
  • Elevator sandals- The shoe industry, keeping in mind the comfort of the customers, have come up with lifted sandals to allow air to move comfortably through your feet while you go out for a beach walk. These sandals are absolutely perfect for casual days as well. The fisherman sandal is the popularly known elevator sandal which is designed perfectly to give you the perfect height.

Depending on your choice and need, get the right elevator shoes for your closet. The stores have a huge collection for you to choose from!