What is the job growth of a personal trainer?

Is becoming a qualified personal trainer is something in your mind? Well, there are some of the perks of being a fitness instructor that you must know like a good job progression, flexible working hours, and the knack to make a real difference in the lives of other people by helping them accomplish their fitness goals. However, personal training is undoubtedly a challenging profession that demands too much of hard work, at times you may have to work for extra hours and deal with people with different perspective and temperament. These things all depend on how you have been trained during your fitness courses.

Yes! You read that right everything revolves around the certification course you have undertaken and your overall training. These things give you the knack to go with confidence and do your job without getting bogged down. Many aspiring candidates have questions in their mind like how much job growth they will see in terms of money and work.

Let’s have a look at these scenarios to help you understand the career graph of a personal trainer.

Average Personal Trainer Salary

As per the research conducted by the Payscale.com, it has been lately forecasted that the median pay for the fitness instructor is somewhere around Rs 243,402. Hence, accordingly, the projected average hourly salary of the personal trainer in India is about Rs 965. Broadly speaking, the hourly rate usually falls somewhere between Rs 197 – Rs 2,051. Hence, the fitness trainers who have done fitness courses in exercise science, kinesiology or sports nutrition are expected to earn more money compared to others. Therefore, keeping these figures in mind you should enrol for the right certification course which can help you boost your salary.

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Once you have completed your fitness courses, you can work as a fitness instructor in commercial gyms wherein they are hired as the permanent employees and given salary as per the industry set rates. However, if any client wishes to hire as a personal trainer then you can charge your rates which is even a good choice. The overall charges completely depend on the credentials and experience level, for instance, new trainers who hold base certifications will earn considerably less than veteran trainers with advanced certifications.

Commercial gyms are not the place where you can work. You can also work with clients who are looking for private personal training at their own home-based gyms, recreational centers, clinics, and sports institutions

Start your own business

You can even start with your own business. However, you will have to pay more heed on the promotion of your business to catch the attention of clients who are looking for private personal training sessions. For this, you have to take the required insurance, first-aid certifications from the accredited institution and have to invest a good amount of capital in hiring the place where they can train.

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