7 Reasons to Use Online Designer Tool for Boosting Your Business

Who doesn’t want a personal touch in their product that reflects their individuality and exclusive sense of aesthetics! Satisfying the preference and the needs of the customers used to be a great hurdle once. But with the advent of the product customization, the gap has been reduced in a significant manner.

Now businesses are empowered to offer their customers exactly what they need by choosing the right product design software. Today, most of the eCommerce websites that offer product customization do not just satisfy the needs of the customers precisely, but they also succeed in establishing a close bond between the consumer and the brand.

The brick and mortar retail businesses are starting to offer the same experience so that the shoppers can purchase the products that their exact desire and hereby create a strong brand presence.

If you also are thinking of giving your business the coveted edge, you should integrate your eCommerce with the right product design software.

If you are still not convinced, here are some of the reasons why most businesses are preferring the online design tool these days.

Just take a look. The online design tool assists to –

  • Facilitate Price Mark-ups –The product personalization offers to demand a premium price to your offering. It is noteworthy here to know that the consumers are willing to pay about 20 percent more for the products that are customized according to their desire in comparison to products that are standard and not personalized. Furthermore, if you are thinking of offering 3rd party licensed content then the price premiums can go even higher. Product personalisation is therefore considered to be one of the most powerful ways of driving new revenues.
  • Generate More Sales – Customisation of the products does not just assist in enhancing sales, but it also keeps the customers satisfied that promotes the generation of positive word-of-mouth. Studies have shown that on average, in a variety of retail centres, about 36% of the consumers will suggest in purchasing customer services or products. In fact, 1 in every 5 persons is willing to pay about 20% more for the exclusive or personalised product. This indicates a shift in the mentality of the consumer away from the monetary cost and towards the inherent value.  Added to that, almost 50% of the consumers are willing to wait for a product or service that is customised. This implies that customers are willing to browse more as their customised products are created and even generate more sales for the business.
  • Build Customer Loyalty – If the customers can get the exact service or item that they are looking for, they will come back to your business time and again. No one will go to a competitor who doesn’t come with the same options of customisation! If you give your customers what they need they will never resort to the brand other than that of yours. The key to making customisation is to make sure your options are very different from that of the customers. For example, if your competitor of yours offers the option to put the name of the customer on the back of the t-shirt, then you can offer that option along with various other templates and shades. This is essential.
  • Retain Your Customers – The rising conversion rates can be good news. But in the long run, you may need more. Enhancing the recurring client advocacy and conversion rates along with retention happen to be the real mantra for success for most online stores. Research has shown that loyalty programs contain personalised offers that are the most vital factors when it comes to encouraging repeat purchases. Customer relationship is mainly built upon forging the long-lasting brand-customer familiarity and relationships. Personalisation is the perfect feature for any eCommerce to nurture these 2 building stones of customer loyalty. What’s more, many companies now feature customer testimonials regarding the benefits of being registered members. The perks like free shipping, discount coupons will assist further in case of customer retention.
  • Cut the Inventory Costs -You do not need to trash the existing business model for participating in the personalisation market. There is no need to throw out the stock and purchase a fresh batch. With a little ingenuity, you can personalise the same items that you sell already by adding a simple touch. You can customise the single product as every order comes in. For example, if you sell the leather handbags, you must use a UV LED printer for printing into the leather directly. Alternatively, you can also use a desktop impact engraver for personalising the stitch-on-metal plates. No matter which option you choose, you need a relatively insignificant investment that lets you increase the markup on the products that are existing.
  • Establish a Stronger Online Presence – By offering the customised products on the website, you are offering consumers a solid reason to purchase from your site as opposed to the buyer from the traditional sites. This a cycle of success. As more internet users visit the site and more time is spent on your site, it helps your business to achieve a higher rank on Google for the related product sites. Again, you can create a personal relationship with your buyers by having a strong online presence. Popularity is the biggest achievement in the online social media world.
  • Have Repeat Sales and Diminish Return Rates – The more involved a consumer is towards the conception of the product design, the more involved they are. This means that the more connected they feel towards the product, the more probable it is that they will finish the process of purchasing. In fact, companies offering personalisation of the product have experienced an increase in rates of conversion by 200%. Additionally, when the customers can design a product the way they desire, the returns on orders are much more unlikely. You can take some extra steps, as a business, for making the returns minimum. You provide the product information like colour, specs, finish et.  Which can really assist with customer expectations. Offering previews, especially the ones in-context are especially associated with the diminished rates of returns and complaints. This is especially the case with large purchases.

The above are some of the reasons why you should use online design tools like t shirt design software for helping your business create its own niche in the industry.


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