How To Choose The Right Type Of Pedicure For You?

Nowadays, with the presence of many different types of pedicure out there, it can seem to be confusing to choose the right type. For this, you need to have a look over this section which provides a breakdown of the explanation regarding the best type of spa pedicure for you

About Pedicure

These days, due to our busy lifestyle, we do not have enough time to take care of us. But, in your personal care list, taking care of our feet should always be a priority. Pedicures contribute to relieving stress levels and helps in the maintenance of clean and healthy feet. But, it is essential to choose the right type of pedicure from many different kinds of it.

A pedicure is mainly considered to be an important cosmetic treatment for your feet which involves trimming, cutting and shaping your toenails. Along with that, it also includes tending to your cuticles, hydrating, exfoliating and also massaging your feet. It also helps to paint your toenails. 

Different Types Of Pedicures

pedicure type

Classic Pedicure

It is considered to be one of the most common types of pedicure which specifically begins with a warm foot soak in a foot bath. This is again followed by nail care such as filing, clipping, cuticle work, shaping, and buffing. After that, you will enjoy a relaxing foot massage. The application of nail polish is considered to be the last step. It includes the top and base coats. 

This classic pedicure is known to be much suitable for those who want all-round foot care with regular polish. Also, the regular polish on feet does tend to last much longer than it does on hands. French polish or some fun nail art are considered to be the alternatives to the regular polish. 

Gel Or Shellac Pedicure

The shellac pedicure is considered to be another popular type of pedicure. Usually, this pedicure costs a little bit more but is absolutely worth it. This shellac polish is guaranteed to last at least 2 weeks chip-free. 

This helps in the maintenance if a glossy and impeccable look. All that you need is to have a look at understanding the major differences between Shellac and regular polish. This treatment is known to be perfect for those who want a long-lasting polish. Also, you do not mind going back to your pedicurist for polish removal. But, it is damaging to pick it off by you. 

Men’s Pedicure

The men’s pedicures are considered to be similar to the classics but, only it is without the polish. It is much suitable for any man who is looking for healthier and cleaner feet. You should go to a sports pedicure if you run a lot or think your feet need some extra care. 

This again includes a deeper cleanse with more massage time and exfoliation. Apart from that, your pedicurist will focus on scrubbing of the existing build-up and callus prone areas. 

Express Pedicure

An express pedicure mainly covers the essentials with shapefile, buff and also polish. Also, this express pedicure is considered to be ideal in case you are short on time but are desperate for a tidy up and polish. 

Some Tips From The Therapists

  • It is important for that to wear open-toe shoes to pedicures ideally flip flops. This is because no one usually wants to smudge their Pedi putting back on socks and shoes. You can also remain barefoot if the therapists are coming to your house for an at-home pedicure. This is considered to be the beauty of pedicures at home. 
  • You should always remember that it is possible to customize pedicures with add ons such as an extra massage, hydrating foot mask or nail strengthening IBX treatment. 
  • You should always consider shellac in case you do not want to wait for the nails to dry or risk smudging them. This mainly occurs at the time you try to reach for your wallet after the treatment. Instant drying is one of the best characteristics of shellac pedicure. 
  • All you need is to go for a classic pedicure if you often like to switch up the nail colors. 
  • You should always try to use a creamy pumice scrub. Along with that, you can also select from the flavored scrubs which are available in the market. 
  • It is always very important to make use of moisturizer or cream while moisturizing your cuticles. This helps in the proper cleansing and also contributes to adding shine to the skin. 
  • You should always tell the person whom you have for assistance to give you a nice massage before you do the final step of washing and also drying your feet. A recent study by the SDSS or Society of Dermatology SkinCare Specialists also suggests that about 88% of women are not aware of the right products for their skin. 
  • You should pat dry by using a soft towel. 
  • After the application of the nail paint, you should soak your toenails in ice water. This will help in the prevention of nail paint from smudging and also helps in drying faster. 
  • You should try to wipe your toenails with the help of remover before putting the varnish on. This is because the nails need to be completely dry. 
  • Instead of cuticle oil, you can consider using olive oil
  • While taking the pedicure treatment, you should enjoy yourself, read a book and also relax or simply listen to music. This helps to pamper your feet in a much better way. You should also not be too hard on your feet. So, go gentle and polite on them. 


In this way, it is cleared from the above section that you will get to know that which of the pedicure is considered to be right for you. This guide will be surely effective for you to choose the best type of spa pedicure for you amongst the others.