Pick the Perfect Birthstones for the Birthday Boy/Girl with This Guide!

Birthdays are always special and we leave no stones unturned to make our loved ones feel special and loved on this day. From cakes and parties to presents and surprises – there are a lot of features that adorn this occasion.

However, there is one tradition that is linked with this day that a majority of us do not know much about – Birthstones.

The birthstones are much more than the gifts of glamour to offer when you don’t know what else to present. The idea of the birthstones date back to many years ago.

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With time, the stones that are associated with the birth months have undergone alterations as new significance is attached with each of these.

Here is a guide to help you pick the perfect birthstone for the birthday girl/boy in every month.

  • January – The birthstone of January is garnet and it is now available in every shade except blue. Usually the garnet that is featured in most of the birthstones is deep and dark red or brown. The garnet is linked with love, faith and constancy and because of such properties it symbolizes trust and friendship.
  • February – Amethyst is the birthstone of February and it is a type of crystalline quartz. Amethyst is said to heal the conditions of the heart and lungs, provide wisdom and offer protection against both the physical toxins and toxic thoughts all at the same time. That is why this stunning stone is great for the peaceful Pisces and fierce Aquarians.
  • March – Aquamarine is the birthstone of March that comes from the Latin phrase “sea water” because of the blue-green shade. The colours here range from the pale to deep blue. It is said to be the treasure of the mermaids and was believed to have the power of safeguarding the sailors. The aquamarine gemstone represents health, courage and confidence.
  • April – Well, this month’s birthstone can speak volumes and it is going to entice the recipients. Diamonds happen to be the most popular jewellery gemstone and therefore the recipient is going to appreciate this.
  • May – May’s birthstone, emerald represents the lushness of the spring which makes it the best of them all. Legend says emeralds are also a great luck source and offer protection against the evils to those who put on them. Emeralds happen to bring great luck and offer protection against evil to people who wear them. From the perspective of aesthetics, as well, the emeralds are essentially a hot favourite among the fashionistas.
  • June – Not every month consists of one birthstone. June gives you options to pick. Pearls are something that you may have already heard of. The jewelleries made of pearl are already quite familiar. Again, alexandrite happens to be of specific distinctiveness. This can make a worthy gift for a person who you want to impress on their birthday.


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  • July – The July babies are the luckiest to get this pretty stone of ruby that ranges from deep pink to that of red wine, linked with their month as the birthstone. Ruby is associated with power and love and they still make the perfect gift for any spouse or friend born in July.
  • August – Peridot which is often linked with nobility or royalty is the birth gemstone for the August babies. Limegreen is the colour of the peridot and the wearer can easily show that off. Peridot is also the perfect one to be worn in the later months of the summer which makes it great for August.
  • September – The birthstone of September is sapphire and is available in a plethora of majestic blue shades. “Sapphires” is the Greek word for blue. But the sapphire is allochromatic and it can be found in every shade. The sapphire has also come to represent trust and loyalty.


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  • October – Opal and tourmaline are the two birthstones for October. While opal is exclusive as each one sparkles with one kind of colour combination, the tourmaline is available in a rainbow of attractive shades.
  • November – Citrine or topaz are the birthstones for the November born child. That makes the perfect gift for the autumn birthday baby as both are the shades of orange. Topaz can also be found in yellow, pink or blue.
  • December – Turquoise, zircon and tanzanite are the 3 birthstones of December. They all shine in different shades of blue. That is why they are just perfect for the chilly winter months of December.

The best part is that just like statement jewellery online you can now get all the birthstones over the internet making it simpler for you to entice your friend, family or colleague with the ideal birthday gift that they can’t help but adore.