Top 7 formal styles for women

With women being in step with men in each and every kind of field, why would they live behind the corporate sector? Women have been steadily and firmly taking over men’s place in offices and other jobs. Now, these jobs require a certain style of attire, to suit the atmosphere and the general decorum. As the World has evolved, so has the style of this attire. Now-a-days, you could actually see the variety in the types of attire one could wear while going, perhaps, to a meeting, or even a presentation. One just has to make sure about the clothes which would suit them the best, so that it’ll be a plus point during these important events. Given below are some of the most common yet desirable formal styles for women, so that they can feel confident in their own skin!

Kurtis and Leggings:

Kurtis and Leggings

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Kurtas are the most comfortable, casual yet formal, piece of clothing. It is a knee length top, often printed and designed in traditional prints and patterns. Paired with leggings, the entire attire looks absolutely fabulous, with the addition of it being casual and warm. It is not at all like those congested, uncomfortable clothes. Choose the one which would cover your frame nicely as well as that one which will be sober enough to wear in an office environment. If you want your favorite kurta at a cheaper rate, then use Walmart promo code on your purchase, and you are ready to dazzle the people with your calm composure. If there is some strict decorum, then choose just plain kurtis with complimentary leggings, and you are all set to go.

Trousers and wide leg pants:


Trousers with wide leg pants is a fairly new combination, and when we say it works fine, then you have to trust us. It gives an oddly professional look, and you won’t ever doubt this combination after trying it for the first time. Use a plain wide leg pants and pair them up with some colorful yet decent blouse or shirts, so as to attain a classy formal look. This combination is one of the comfiest you could ever attempt and quite a charmer too. You can even make them go in the same color, and it will not look that bad. To enhance your style, pair this dress with some round earrings, a big leather handbag and decent pumps. All in all, it will be a proper office attire, one which would earn good points for your success.

Blazers and jackets:

Blazers and jackets are considered to be one of the most common, most used type of formal attire. And you might think of them as boring, because people don’t really use anything else other than blazers and jackets. To keep yourself at ease, pick some business casuals like t-shirts, shirts as well as jeans, and pair them up with some cool, funky jackets. To make this look business as well as casual, pair them up with some decent shoes or heels and you are good to go. This attire would be very cool and it’ll feel very comfortable, if you pair this attractive tee with a good pair of jeans and a dark, warm jacket. These types of wears are very formal, and you could see people on highest of the high posts wearing it. But that doesn’t mean you can’t wear it; in fact, it will be a good practice of your glorious future!


Dresses are, hands down, beautiful. And there are even more options when you choose dresses to be your formal attire. For a suitable formal attire, you could choose plain patterned, either dark colors or light, pastel colors. Beige, navy blue, black and grey are some of the usual colors which you could choose for your dresses to be. These dresses could go a little above or below knee, but it is appropriate that you wear a dress up to your knees. Dresses also pose to be appropriate for any kind of parties, especially office ones, so dresses are always a good choice – always.


Shirts are, perhaps, the most casual, most used, most common wear of formal attire. You could always use anything else for formals, but nothing can beat the familiarity, the comfort of these heavenly shirts. You can use short sleeved – though they are not really recommended as a formal wear – or long sleeved too. There is a lot of variety available in shirts, in respect to colors, patterns, even fittings. In case of going to office in shirts, it will be wise to choose shirts which are plain and loosely fitting, so that it appears to be decent and calm. Don’t use too gaudy and bright colors; it is not at all recommended.


Sarees are an epitome of Indian beauty, and one could never go wrong, when it comes to sarees. Even now, one could find offices in the states of India, where sarees are actually compulsory. Sarees, too, are available in different shapes and colors; one of the reasons for this is that sarees have been in the market for a relatively long time now. And the patterns of the sarees have evolved over the years, to make them even more comfortable and eye pleasing. Sarees also are available in multiple colors, which makes it harder to choose from. They are undoubtedly beautiful and easy enough to drape and carry. If you have to wear a saree in an office, then choose light colored, simple yet comfortable one, in which you would feel confident enough to walk and run around.



Skirts are also considered to the next best formal attire, often paired with shirts or tops. Skirts are flowy and comfortable – something which you need in your working hours. Pair them up with a suitable top or shirt, and the look will be something everyone will be complimenting on. Now-a-days, one could even get a tailored suit, so that you don’t have to take the entire attire differently, but together. If you want to get skirts at a discounted rate, you can always use Walmart promo code for your benefit! This skirt style would work if you choose a pencil skirt with fitting top; it is one of the most accepted formal attire for office wear. It was made famous by none other than Meghan Markle aka Rachel, from the famous series named ‘Suits’.

So, there you have it – these are 7 top formal styles women could get clad into, while heading to office. By now, jobs have been given a glorified status, with proper attention given to your appearance, including your hair, your face, even your clothes. These types of attires right here shed an expressive light on the way one could carry themselves while going for their works. However, it is not a compulsion that you choose one of these attires; rather, you should choose something which will make you feel comfortable, for you will have to sit and do your work for the most part of the day, or run along everywhere, depending on the job. As a result, the information given here will be highly useful – so go ahead and choose wisely.